December 21, 2006

Okay, I want comments!

An earlier post asked what your favorite Christmas Song is and I got nothing from nobody. I'll ask a different question:

What is your LEAST favorite Christmas song? We've got one of those two-weeks-before-Thanksgiving-playing-24-hours-a-day-Christmas-Music. Anny is addicted, and I will listen to it in place of commercials on other stations.

My least favorite Christmas song has to be Christmastime in Washington. I detest it at this point. I am a huge fan of cheesy music, but this one crosses the line. Just gross.

Do they even play Christmastime in Washington in other regions? I'll be in Saint Louis this weekend, so I'll keep an ear out for it while I'm there.

But really: what is your least favorite Christmas song?


  1. Santa Baby.

    Norman, OK

  2. Santa Baby. I actually really like Christmas Eve in Washington ^_^