December 15, 2006

Last Year UCC. This Year UMC. When PCUSA?

Another year is wrapping up, and we all know that this is the time of year that those who do not normally go to church look for a place to worship. Our Presbytery is doing an ad campaign on local talk-radio station WTOP. It directs people to one of three websites that we (I) have updated to reflect services that our churches are having.

Our Presbytery put up the cash for this campaign. We are the ones that, in response to our churches, organized it, too.

Last year the United Church of Christ put on a media blitz with GREAT commercials that ran across the country. The commercials were moving, and directed people to their special advertising site where you could find out more about their denomination.

This year the PCUSA has once again passed up on the idea, and the United Methodist Church is doing GREAT things. I saw this one today:

I know that the PCUSA put money into developing a campaign, but stopped short of ever putting it into action. Oh well. Maybe that is a contributing factor to our "dieing denomination."

(You can find other UMC advertisements HERE.)

If you're in the DC Metro Area this Christmas and are looking for a congregation to worship with, check our our sites! Maryland is HERE. Virginia is HERE. Washington, DC is HERE.

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