October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Alternate Title: Movember Eve

Tomorrow I start my month of mustache, or Movember. My brother is spearheading a team as part of a massive program to raise awareness about men's health issues. You can find out more about that HERE.

You can donate to my 'Stache Plan HERE.

While we are still in October I wanted to knock out a quick blog post about Halloween! For Abby we started nine days ago with tonight as the goal at the end. Here is what we did, and what she wore:

Saturday (the 22nd, that is) - Boonanza at Anny's School (Halloween skirt and shirt)
Sunday - Boo at the Zoo (Angel costume)
Wednesday - Magic House Halloween Party (Angel)
Thursday - Kirkwood Halloween Walk (Skirt/Shirt)
Saturday - just hung at home and carved pumpkins - lots of them...
Tonight - Finally Halloween - Trick-or-Treating in her Angel costume!

Our trip to the Zoo was with the cousins, which netted this cute picture of all four:

Abby and Ada went for a ride on the carousel in their costumes - uber cute! (from the Zoo)

Here is Abby in her full on Angel mode! (From The Magic House)

Here is this evening, Abby modeling the pumpkins! Mine is the new logo for my work, Abby's is just a silly face and Anny's is from a pattern. All are fun, but it's Abby's smile is what sells this one!

All in all, below is a picture of tonight's Halloween Haul brought in completely by Abby. It was doubled at the last place we stopped, one of our neighbors in the apartment complex that we have never met. She has a teenager and was trying to unload before the teen could take it all - she plopped down three handfuls of candy into Abby's bag!

From all of the other events from the week we have about the same amount already set aside in a bowl. I'm not sure what we are going to do with all of this candy, but the Daddy Tax will be coming down quickly, especially since we are short on Snickers in this stack! :)

Happy Halloween to one and all!


  1. We gave out Snickers, and I have half a bowl left. Want to trade for some Almond Joys? I sent my kids back out and said, "Do NOT come back without some coconut, minions!" but they didn't listen. :(

  2. My WORD that's a lot of stuff! I'm exhausted just reading about all of your activities. You see, I'm pretty much a lazy person...

    Love the photo of Abby with her Angel costume, and that's quite a bit of loot! What's her favorite?