August 17, 2010

Another Post About Routine

Phew. Summer really is over in our family, starting today. Anny got her new students for the first *real* day of school, Abby went to daycare and I went to work. Now we can let things really settle into place.

But I will miss summer this year more than most. I got to spend a lot more time at home with Abby and Anny than usual, and probably more than I will again in the foreseeable future in such a chunk.  We did some fun stuff together and got a bit better acquainted with our new town. Good times.

I miss using my camera. I don't have any good reason. Don't know if it's lack of motivation, or just time or what. Have an 8 to 5, which means I'm home just in time to either help with dinner or change clothes and eat.  It was too hot for several weeks, so that is my excuse for that time.  Tonight, though? Nothing better than a sore back from running around all day at work. 

Speaking of which, things at work are going really well.  I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from all sorts of people.  Better than that, my boss has gotten that feedback too, which is important in the (non-profit) corporate world.  I am getting a lot out of meeting everyone because I am at the reception desk, but boredom in a new job is bad.  I have begged onto a couple of tasks, and hope to expand that later this week, to.  I finished a project today that was supposed to take the whole week. I started yesterday at 4 and finished before 2 today.  I am looking forward to new challenges with open arms!

I need to be better about taking my meds, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Anny and I have decided to join the church that Paul and Sarahlynn go to.  It is bigger than all of the churches I have ever joined. Combined, probably.  I have done some church studying for a while now and know that the reality is that a huge church is made up of a bunch of smaller communities, so it is not nearly as intimidating. Part of the perk for me is that in a church this big, it will be easier to "hide" from responsibility for longer. I have loved every day of serving as an Elder, Deacon and even as staff, but to go to worship and not worry about why one of the fans is not spinning, or how many people were in Sunday school or how many will show up for an event in the evening is kind of nice.  I will get back into it some day, but it's kind of nice for now. 

That being said, I really miss our church family back in Maryland.  REALLY great people who have loved us like family since the day we visited.  Really. 

Time to get the girl-child into the shower. She is swimming every day at her new day care.  We went with in-home for many reasons, but one of the biggest is the focus on being outside and doing a HUGE variety of different things from day to day.  Yesterday they went to a museum and today they went to the park. Tomorrow is the library. She might not have a huge class of kids to hang out with (seven instead of 18) she is getting a pretty awesome experience in this deal!

Seriously, enough typing. I hope to get back to regular blogging soon. No promises, but soon.

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  1. thanks for the update...i have been slack on my blogging lately, but we've had family here and have gone on a couple trips. august was busy.

    reception is heaps of fun. talking to people, telling them what they want to know. what org are you working for, what do you do?