July 11, 2010


This week I had three interviews with the same company for the same position. I am hopeful to share with you soon that they have extended an offer of employment, but in case they do not and I want to apply for another position later there, I will withhold the company name.

The first of the interviews was REALLY fun! Strange, but fun. They went into strange office details, and even showed me a picture of a car that went through the glass about ten feet from where I would be sitting. I don't believe that it was intended to scare me, but it was clear that it is a significant part of the history of this particular building within the organization. Pretty crazy to see, though, considering the exterior of the building and the way the streets cross. Insanity.

The position that I have been trying for is as a receptionist. Several folks have pointed out that it seems a bit beneath my skills and history. That is, quite honestly, true. My priority right now is to secure a job and will work through advancing as I go along. Anny and I have talked about that, and it's a high priority for me that I be able to be around the house a bit more as we are getting settled into the new city/time zone/side of the Mississippi River. I don't want a high-stress, late nights job ever, but really do not want it at this time in our lives. The company has tracks for Admins (among others) to advance, and that knowledge is enough for me right now. Another huge bonus if I get this is that there is 100% tuition reimbursement. By golly, folks, I might be going back to school!

It would be a huge change for me to work at this place (sorry, the secrecy does indeed seem strange, especially for me!) in particular because of it's size. There are 400+ people working just in that particular facility. My last office had nine, and the one before that had three. Even combining both offices it would be about 400 short of the folks I would be working with! My extroverted side might just get completely giddy about this prospect! I would probably not see most of the folks most days, but wow, that is just a huge number.

I am hopeful, prayerful, that this job comes through. It's in a faith-based organization, which would make me happy. I am one that believes we work now for reward in heaven, or something like that. They did ask if I was comfortable with meetings that opened with prayer. I chuckled, since I have been leading prayer at meetings for 10+ years at this point!


  1. YAY Rob! Hope you get it. Sounds good. I've been on interviews where they thought I might be overqualified. Sometimes if that happens, they'll offer you another position in the organization. I think it's good that you're letting them know why you'd like the job (more time at home, stability, tuition remission). Sometimes they decide off the bat that you're "overqualified" and move on, even though you want and will be an asset to their organization. Best of luck! Sounds like the organization is a good fit and will provide room for growth.

  2. Good luck, I hope these interviews pan out for you and you get the position you want that will enable you to be home more.

  3. Good luck, Rob! I am glad to have an admin job that has no discernible upward growth so that I can spend time with my family in the evenings and on my days off without worrying about work. There's a lot to be said for that. You're making the right move! I'll look forward to their response...

  4. Sorry I'm so late but good luck with this, I hope you've already received the news you wanted!

  5. Sorry this is so late but I hope you got this job. Let us know.