January 01, 2010

2009 Blog Review

I did this Meme a few years ago, and it seem a good way to review a year of my blog.  So, taking the first sentence from the first post of each months, here is my blog from 2009:
(Okay, now I see that I did several "Wordless Wednesday" posts on the first of the month.  I am skipping past those.)

January: "I guess I should start with Christmas and will blog about other subjects..."
February: "I am forbidden from making a "Things To Do Before I Die" list"
March: "At about six months [old] Abby had an obsession with putting things in her mouth - toys, coins, food, fingers... everything."
April: "In our house we are gearing up for a trip!"
May: "While I have neglected my duties just a little bit for Anny's special day, I wish all of you moms out there a Happy Mother's Day."
June: "I do not have official 24 month statistics just yet, we will have that appointment the week after school lets out, but last night I got Abby to stand on a scale and she came out at 29 pounds."
July: "Abby has successfully completed the "Bubblers 1" swimming class at the same pool that I took all of my swimming lessons at so many years ago!"
August: "Today I'm writing about our time in Iowa."
September: "There are lots of blog posts on the internet about all of the God-Forsaken quizzes you can take on Facebook, and trust that there posts about them for a reason."
October: "Yesterday was my six-month appointment with my nephrologist"
November: "We did something strange last year - we grabbed two [Halloween] costumes from another teacher at Anny's school at a very good price."
December: "There is almost literally no way for me to capture all of the awesomeness that was our Thanksgiving this year - Anny's parents came from Wyoming and Paul and Sarahlynn and the girls made the trek to our house too!"

2009 was filled with family and travel and enjoying the things we have, and wanting a little bit for the things we don't have.  The year started off with a bit of a downer, the realization that we did not have enough equity in our house to make selling it viable for a move to Saint Louis.  I am excited to say that Anny and I have decided to go ahead and pan for a move this summer!  We will list the house some time this spring and begin applying for jobs even sooner.  (Do you know how long it takes to get a government job?!?) 

Goodbye, 2009.  Welcome 2010 and all of the hopes and challenges that lay ahead.

Oh, and I didn't really tell the internet world, but on New Years Day last year I resolved to not eat a doughnut for the whole year.  I am glad to say that I stuck to that goal!  (And no, Apple Fritters do not count, they don't have holes but do have fruit. That's not a doughnut!)  We are going to a friends for a New Year's Brunch today, so my doughnuts will wait until tomorrow.  Watch out, old friends, I am surely coming for you!

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