July 14, 2009

Getting Settled In

Just some quick notes as I look back on my office's relocation during the end of June and beginning of July to share with everyone:

It was not helpful that:
  • We had to move.  We HAD to move, though, since our lease expired.
  • I had to work Saturday. That's life, and an occasional Saturday is much better than my schedule was at Glenkirk!
  • Instructions were not exactly right.  The packers expected certain things that we did not anticipate.  It happens.
It was essential that:
  • We hired movers.  I "helped" get ONE file cabinet onto the dolly.  I can not imagine how long it would have taken without professionals.
  • We asked for only essential staff on Friday and Saturday, so there were not many people in the way.
  • Labels - Labels - Labels!  I was able to help someone at the new office find a box of cables that should probably have been hand carried over.

It was really helpful that:
  • We moved over a weekend, whether I like it or not.  Our office was down for two days instead of four.
  • I got "old office" duties, so I got to leave earlier than the folks at the new place.
  • I was able to access the internet through the wireless signal at another office.  Just nice, I guess.

Since I have not actually arranged my book case and this is our third week in the office, I think I will tackle that first this this morning when I get to work!

And the office relocation accounts for why I have not been blogging for the last month - by the time I get home in the evening I'm doing my best to spend all of my time with my sweeties. 

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  1. This was actually helpful, since my office will be moving across campus next week. On the bright side, the entire move will be handled by a professional company. I've already packed up my office!